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How do I submit an iOS app to the Apple App Store (Part 1)

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2016 04:11PM BRT

Before you begin building your iOS app from the App Builder, you will need to generate the .p12 and the Distribution Provisioning Profile for your apps first. Follow the instructions below to find out how.

  1. Login using your Apple ID account in

  1. Click the Certificates, Identifiers & Profile from the Developer Program Resources menu.

  1. Select Identifiers under iOS Apps.

  1.  Under Identifiers, click on App ID. Click on the + button at the upper right corner of iOS App IDs to add a new ID name. 

        a.       Enter your App ID Description

        b. Enter the Bundle ID under Explicit App ID. The Bundle ID can be found in the build page for the iOS app in the App Builder. ex: com.arcasolutions.builderXXXXXXXX. Click on Submit.

  1.  Under Certificates, click on Production. Click on the + button on the upper-right corner of iOS Certificates (Production) to add a new certificate. 

       a.       Select App Store and Ad Hoc under Production. Click Continue.

       b.       Create a .CSR file. Follow the instructions indicated in the page. Click Continue.

       c.       Upload your .CSR file, then click Generate.

       d.       Download and install/add your certificate in Keychain Access. To install, open the downloaded file.

  1.  Create a .p12 file by opening the certificate you downloaded from the Apple Developer site. This can be opened in KeyChain access. Just locate the certificate you downloaded in the list and right click to show the menu. Click on "Export" to generate a .p12 file.

Change the name of your .p12 file and click Save.

For security purposes, you will need to assign a password to your .p12 file. 

Once you are finished creating your .p12 file, you can now create your Distribution Provisioning Profile.
  1. Under Provisioning Profiles, click on Distribution

  1. Select App Store under Distribution and click Continue.

  1. Select the App ID you have created and click Continue.

  1. Select the Certificate you have created and click Continue.

  1. Enter the Profile Name for your distribution and click Continue.

  1. Download and install the Provisioning Profile Distribution you have generated. To install, open the downloaded file.



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