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How to Build and Submit your iOS App: Part 2

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2014 01:06AM BRST
Now that you have generated your .p12 and Distribution Provisioning Profiles, you can start building your iOS app through the App Builder. Below are instructions on how to Build your iOS app.

1. Log in to your Site Manager account and go to Mobile Applications > Build Your App. Then, click on the Build icon and the Build & Submit button. 

2. Click on the Apple logo to build your own iOS app.

3. Upload your .p12 file along with its password and the Distribution Provisioning Profile that you generated from your Apple Developer account. Click on the Start Build button. 

The App Builder will now start generating the iOS binary for your App.

Once your App has finished building, you can now download the iOS Binary. Just click on the Download iOS Binary button. This will save an .ipa file on your computer. 

4. Log in to your iTunes Connect account. Once logged in, click on My Apps.

5. You will be directed to the Itunes Connect - My Apps page. Once you are there, locate and click the + button on the upper left corner of the page. Then, click on New iOS App to add your application.

6. Enter your App Name, the Primary Language of your app, the Version (current version of the eDirectory app is 10.3), the SKU which is the Bundle ID of your app and select the name of the Bundle you registered on your Developer account. Click on Create.

7. On the Versions tab of ItunesConnection, enter all the required information when submitting your App including the Icon Image (1024 x 1024) and the screenshots for the iPhone 4 (3.5-inch), iPhone 5 (4-inch) and the iPad. 

8. Upload the .IPA file that you generated to ItunesConnect through Application Loader. If you do not have this software yet, you can download it from this page. Once installed, please go through the following steps:
  • Open the Application Loader on your Mac. Log in to your Apple Developer account.

  • Select Deliver Your App.

  • Select the .ipa file and click on Open.

  • Click Next.

  • Wait for the App to finish Uploading. This takes a couple of minutes.

  • Once the App has finished uploading to ItunesConnect, this message will show. Click on Next.

  • Click on Done.

9. Go back to ItunesConnect and click on the Prerelease tab to view the status of the App you uploaded.

10. Go back to the Versions tab and scroll-down to Bundle. Click on the + button to select the App you uploaded.

The option to select the App you uploaded will pop-up on the webpage. Click on Done.

11. Go to the Pricings tab to select the Price of the App and the territories where your App will be available. Click on Save.

12. Save all of the changes that you have done by clicking Save. Once saved, click on Submit for Review. This option lets you know what else needs to be provided before you can proceed with your App submission so you will not forget anything.

13. To answer questions about Export Comliance, Content Rights and the Advertising Identifier (IDFA), select No on all questions and click Submit.

You're all set. Now your App has been submitted for review and it takes normally up to 5 to 7 days to get approval from Apple. Once you receive an email that your App has been approved, you and your clients can now download it from the App Store. 

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