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v10.4 - eDirectory Familiarization (Standard Template / Listing)

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 03:10PM BRT
This article refers to versions prior to 10.4, it doesn't apply to version 11

The purpose of this document is to have a manual that will help individuals to be familiarized with the modules of the eDirectory system. This will also serve as a training reference document for the fundamentals of the site manager module. 

I. What is eDirectory? 
eDirectory is the leading software platform for publishing powerful directory-driven websites with ease. In just a few clicks, a stunning, beautifully designed directory website can be online, ready to generate a recurring revenue stream for any businesses.

eDirectory’s system includes a full set of advanced features including: Pre-Built Themes, Lead Generation, Payment Processing, SEO Center, Site Management, Blogging, Email Hosting / Notifications, Native Mobile Applications and InDepth Reporting. 

II. The eDirectory Standard Template

The eDirectory has a default template upon setup or installation. The image below shows the template in portions for further review.


There is an option under the CONTENT MANAGER module to select a different template or layout. eDirectory has four (4) standard templates for different businesses. 

The default template can be customized by accessing the eDirectory Site Manager module. eDirectory has four (4) standard templates or themes to accommodate different businesses such as real estate, food dining and contractors. 


III. eDirectory Site Manager​

The Site Manager is basically the backbone of the eDirectory system. This document assumes that user access credentials have already been provided. To access the eDirectory Site Manager, using any browser simply go to your designated domain URL add on the text /sitemgr at the end (ex. 

Once logged in the Site Manager graphical user interface will prompt.


The initial page will be the DASHBOARD (see image above) where essential data is shown to the users such as total listings, total reviews, total revenue, total sponsors, etc. Clicking on the data panels will re-direct you to each related modules (ex. clicking on the listings data panel will re-direct you to the listing module).


The CONTENT MANAGER module allows you to manage content for eDirectory. See explanation below for each content type.


This module controls the Listing page on the eDirectory site. See image below: Listing are technically enumerations of ads that can be subscribed upon and has additional options based on subscription types. The listing module allows the adding of listing data and also manages existing ones. 


Fig. a.1 – The listing button when clicked will generate the paginated listing data. Here you can see all the listing with their corresponding status (Active, Pending, Suspended and Expired). 

Fig. a.2 – The claimed listing button when clicked will generate a list of claimed listing data. Claimed listing are listing’s that were added on the eDirectory system which could be bought by individuals interested with the said listing. Once claimed ownership will be with the claimant. 

Claimed listings if APPROVED will be designated to the claimant provided that the claimed transaction has already been paid. 

Fig. a.3 – Manage Categories allows the option to add or edit categories and sub-categories which is being used when adding listings.

Fig. a.4 – The add listing option which is located on the upper right portion of the listing module allows the user to add a listing together with its details. 
Once both the Listing Level (subscription) and Listing Type (Category) options have been update, click on the NEXT button to add in the listing details.

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