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eDirectory Geo IP - Location Tracking

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2015 09:39PM BRT
             One of the distinct features of eDirectory is GEO IP LOCATION or GEO MAPPING. This allows eDirectory to nonintrusively track web users accessing eDirectory websites for their specific location or geography. With this feature contents such as LISTINGS or EVENTS can be personalized to the user’s location meaning that if a certain user is located in the United Kingdom and searched the eDirectory website, LISTINGS or EVENTS of the search results will be located on the user’s specific area. 

By configuring eDirectory through the SITE MANAGER -> CONFIGURATION -> LANGUAGE & GEOGRAPHY module you can specifically provide target content (LISTING, EVENTS or DEALS) on a specific user’s location.


By selecting a specific COUNTRY, REGION, STATE, CITY or NEIGHBORHOOD as DEFAULT on the site manager module you can modify your LISTINGS or EVENTS for that specific location. Location data could have multiple COUNTRY, STATE, etc. that can be tag with your LISTINGS or EVENTS. Please take note that when you have several LISTINGS or EVENTS that has different LOCATION you cannot set a DEFAULT LOCATION. 

Also, having an eDirectory website COUNTRY or LOCATION oriented can help the site gain position related with SEO (search engine optimization). 

Enabling the checkbox for the VISITOR LOCATION DETECTION would automatically identify the user’s location and will auto fill the WHERE SEARCH field on the eDirectory website.

Please take note that even if the user’s location tracking is enabled, users can still input manually the area of his choice. Also, this feature could only take effect on LISTINGS, EVENTS or DEALS (Deals are integrated with the LISTING module) only. Other contents are not configured on the standard eDirectory setup but could be customized if preferred. 


You can view the list of countries and also add location data on the LOCATION DATA tab. On the list you can select options for adding and viewing states. Clicking the ADD COUNTRY button will prompt a form for adding country data.

The following details are enumerated below:
1. Country Field – Input the country name.

2. Abbreviation Field – Input the country abbreviation (ex. Philippines = PH).

3. Friendly or Location Title Field – This is used to the static html pages specific for this country. This must contain only alpha numeric characters and the dash “-” sign for spaces.

4. Meta Keywords Field – Input meta keywords to be used as part of the static html pages to accommodate search engine optimization.

Once fields have been inputted, click on the SAVE CHANGES button to save


An additional feature of eDirectory is the language setting where you can select and customized both the eDirectory website and the site manager’s language. This is an added feature that maximizes search engine optimization and localizing websites for its specific target users (location).

eDirectory site manager has a default selections of languages available. Please take note the multi-language is allowable but is considered as an add-on site. Language and area localization up to CITY configuration is allowable but are considered as customization.

Also, contents such as banners and articles are have no location tagging but could be customized to do so


Below shows a sample on how a certain listing content can be tag by the eDirectory system.

Inputting a precise location on the LISTING data would allow the eDirectory system to accurately tag the location on a specific area on the map. (For add listing please check ADD LISTING documentation)

Please take note the certain addition to the language and location data may entail customization and will be charge accordingly.


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