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eDirectory Import / Export Files - Insert Important Data / Back Up Important Data

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2015 09:53PM BRT
             eDirectory site manager has an option to import and export files. This helps the client to upload multiple listing or events data (import) instead of adding it one by one and also back up (export) its existing data. To access it go to CONTENT MANAGER -> IMPORT & EXPORT DATA. 

Import options are limited to LISTINGS and EVENTS. The main purpose of the import option is to fast track data entry for both the listing and events module. 


The IMPORT LISTING module upon selection will prompt for the initial options for upload. Below are the details of the numbered options above:

  1. If you did a data export from your eDirectory installation and are re-importing it, check this box.
  2. By default imported items are set to "pending" mode in the item panel (so you can add imagery, extra data etc), check this to make all of this import active
  3. Set all new categories to featured.
  4. When the importer is run we check the CSV file for the item ID. If a single CSV record contains this data that match an existing item on the site we will overwrite the data with the import information.
  5. It is STRONGLY recommended that this be left unchecked. If we find a record in the CSV files with matching item ID when compared to an existing site record we will update that item with the new data, if this box is checked we will also update the URL. If your site is indexed in google, this will result in all links that are updated not appearing in Google for some time - it also means the old URL will no longer work - Use Carefully
  6. If this is a small import and you just want to import a few items to a single account, check this and use the selector to select the account.
  7. All entries that has no assigned level will inherit the designated level.
Once all appropriate check boxes has been checked click on the NEXT button.

There are two (2) options to import file 1) File Upload and 2) FTP File Select. Under file Upload you may press the Add File (#1) option to simply select a CSV file. Please take note that a CSV file upload requires a certain format you may download (#2) as CSV template.

Note: Import Listing procedure is the same as the Import Events option.

Under the FTP File Select, a procedure where you should upload the csv files in a specific folder which is located on your web server. When uploading csv file use a third (3) party FTP software program such us Filezilla and upload files on this location on your web hosting server (#1) (custom/domain_1/import_files ). Also, lists of exported (#2) files are available on the lower portion of the page which can be selected and be used as import file.


On the EXPORT TOOL you are allowed to back up or export certain eDirectory data which are farther explained below:

  1. Export LISTINGS, EVENTS, PAYMENT RECORDS and MAILING LIST which is the same format as the import option.
  2. You can also download CSV (comma separated value) formatted data for most of the important entries of eDirectory such as CATEGORIES, CLASSIFIED, LOCATION, ACCOUNT, LISTING, ARTICLES and EVENTS. 
  3. Exported listing on no. #1 could be downloaded on the list on no. #3.


The settings option are the same options found on the Import Listing and Import Events option module.

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