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Facebook - Apps Submission

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2015 10:21PM BRT

After the recent changes introduced by Facebook, you have to first submit your app for review to be able to enable the app to ask users for extended permissions. You also need to follow these steps to get the “Feed” feature working in Super Socializer plugin. Here are the steps.

Navigate to Facebook Developers section and login to your Facebook account, if you are not logged in already

Select the app for which you want to enable extended permissions.

Navigate to Status & Review section from the left pan

Click the Start a Submission button

Select publish actions and click Add Items button. I am taking “Publish actions” permission as example in this post. You can enable whatever permissions you require.

Complete the required items listed

Click Add Notes button

Provide the required information and click Save button

Provide other required information. It may differ depending on the permissions you have chosen

Upload the screenshots regarding how you will use Facebook in your app. Optionally, you can specify a test user (you can know more about test user by clicking the [?] after this option).

Check if there is a warning sign before publish_actions permission (or before the permission you have chosen). Hover the mouse over this sign, and see what message it displays. Click the sign to provide the required details

Click Submit for Review button at the bottom-right corner. It will not be clickable unless you have provided all the required information.

Accept the terms and conditions and click Submit button

You will be displayed a notification stating – “Your app will be reviewed within 7 business days”. Click Okay You will be redirected to Status & Review page, where you can see that your submission is pending

You have submitted your app to Facebook for review .