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System Requirements: What do I need to run eDirectory on my server?

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2017 04:15PM BRST

Your eDirectory system is run within a Linux environment, and has the following basic system requirements:

  1. Apache (2.2 or 2.4) with mod-rewrite enabled
  2. Mysql 5.6 OR MariaDB 10.0.27
  3. PHP 5.6
  4. PHP standard libraries + additional libraries: mcrypt, gd, intl, mbstring, pdo, pdo_mysql, exif, apcu/apc.
  5. cURL enabled
  6. JSON needs to be enabled
  7. Set on php.ini:
    1. date.timezone
    2. Safemode Disabled
    3. Openbase_dir Disabled
    4. Open_short_tag must be "ON"
  8. Ability to setup at least 11 cron jobs
  9. Elasticsearch 2.3.4
  10. OpenSSL

If you want us assisting you with server installation and configuration, we will need full access through shell (SSH). Please check our server configuration package with our sales team.

For other versions, please check with eDirectory support. 

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