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How do I add a Category?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 04:23PM BRT
The eDirectory system allows for the Site Manager to manually add categories and sub-categories to Listings, Events, Classifieds, Articles and Blog Modules. Since each module is a stand alone module, the Site Manager can have a unique set of categories and sub-categories for each module. For the Banner module, the categories and sub-categories illustrated when adding a banner are reliant upon the categories and sub-categories added for the other modules. You can find more details on this inside the topic 'How do I add a Banner?'.

Each module, aside from the Blog Module, allows for a maximum of 5 tiers in the categorical hierarchy. The blog module allows just one category tier.

This means you can have a structure similar to:

Grandfather Category
     Parent Category
          Child Category Level 1
                 Child Category Level 2
                          Child Category Level 3

Please follow the following instructions to manually add a category:

1. Please log into your Site Manager Administration Panel
2. Highlight over the module you wish to add the category into, and when the popup menu is visible, click on 'Categories'

Sitemgr - Listings - Categories

3. You will be directed to the Category management section for the module you selected. Please click the tab 'Add'.

4. You will be re-directed to the Category Information page where you can add and configure the information needed for the category. Please be sure to indicate the following details:
  • Title - Title that will be displayed for the category that members can select
  • Featured - Check this box if you would like this category to be visible and a search option through the front of the directory
  • Disable Category - Disables the category from the front end of the directory,  however, this does not delete it from the database.
  • Keywords for Search - The searching terms added into this field are directly related to the findings from the 'Keyword' search field on the front of your directory.

Each Category and Sub-Category that is added in the database has the option for additional Search Engine Optimization. The system will automatically create the 'Page Title' and 'Friendly Title' for you and will leave the options for Meta Description and Meta Keywords open for you input. The information you place into these two fields will be visible to search engines inside the source code of the software and is important to assist in improving your search results ranking within search engines.

The final piece that the Site Manager has the capability to add is some additional text content to be displayed at the top of a category results page. This content can be added via a .html WYSIWYG editor. You are not required to have any .html knowledge to use this editor it will automatically do the conversion to .html for you.

Click 'Submit'. Once the category has been added and set as 'Featured' you will see it illustrated on the homepage of your directory (right hand side) under the 'Browse by Category' Area.

When a site visitors navigates to the search results page for that particular category, the will see the text you added in the 'Content' editor at the top of the page.

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