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How do I configure the Sitemgr 'Email Sending Configuration'?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 03:15PM BRT
The eDirectory system requires the use of an email address for sending notifications to your Sponsors and Visitors. You can setup and configure the email address in the Site Manager > Settings > Email Sending Configuration.

On the 10.4 version of eDirectory, this is configured in Configuration > E-mail Sending Configuration.

The Email Sending Configuration can be set up by our support team for you if you are hosted in our servers. If you are hosted by a different provider, please follow the steps below:

1. Site Manager > Settings > Email Sending Configuration or Configuration > Email Sending Configuration
2. Server: SMTP server provided by your hosting provider.
3. Port: As specified by your hosting providers SMTP settings.
4. Select one the Radio Button options (although we do not recommend the non-authenticated/last option)
5. Type in your e-mail address twice and your password.
5. Test the SMTP Settings by clicking: "Click here to test the SMTP server connection"
6. If the test is successful, please click: Save Settings or Save Configuration

Email Sending Configuration on v10.4

If you are using an email address that is not hosted on an eDirectory server, please contact the host directly to gather their unique SMTP settings.

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