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What are the 'Site Manager Settings - E-Mail' settings?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2012 04:51PM BRT
The eDirectory system is designed to send emails to site administrators when specific activity occurs on the directory. In the Sitemgr -> Settings -> Site Manager Settings - E-Mail the sitemgr can predetermine specific email addresses that will receive these notifications.

One the proceeding page the sitemgr has the capability to setting unique addresses for a variety of potential notifications. If there will only be one individual who is managing all aspects of the directory then it is only necessary to fill out the 'General E-Mail' option. This tells the directory to send all notifications to that one particular email address.

If you have additional individuals that are assisting in the management of the directory you can send specific types of emial notifications to additional email addresses. Here is a full list of notifications you can send to unique email addresses:
  • Listing Add / Update
  • Event Add / Update
  • Banner Add / Update
  • Classified Add / Update
  • Article Add / Update
  • Account Add
  • Contact Us
  • Help / Support Request
  • Payment Received
  • Reviews
  • Claim Listing
  • Comments
  • Import
If you need to have multiple addresses associated with one single notification, please separate them with a , (comma).

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