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How do I use my Sitemgr 'Dashboard'?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2012 04:51PM BRT
The Sitemgr Dashboard page is a very important page as it gives you a high level overview regarding certain activity on your site including:
On the Site - Right Now 

Number of Approved and Active Listings
Number of Approved and Active Banners (if module is enabled)
Number of Approved and Active Events (if module is enabled)
Number of Approved and Active Classifieds (if module is enabled)
Number of Approved and Active Articles (if module is enabled)
Number of Custom Invoices Paid

Next to each option you will see a '(more)' button. This button will illustrate further information pertaining to the approved and active items inside that module including:

Number of Items waiting Approval before going live
Number of Items expired
Number of Items set to expire in 60 days
Number of Items suspended
Number of Items added in the last 30 days

Aside from information pertaining to what is currently happening there is also a section for items that need your approval prior to being live, visible and searchable on the front of the directory.

To Be Approved

By default, every time a new item is added into your directory, or an existing item is updated, it will be sent to the sitemgr requesting Approval. This section will break down the number of Listings, Events, Classifieds, Banners, Articles, and Claimed Listings that need your approval as well as provide a list of Custom Invoices that need to be sent.

The text in 'Blue' is a clickable link that will direct the Sitemgr to a filtered list containing only the few items that need action.

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