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How can I allow visitors to sign up with their Facebook account?

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019 10:28AM BRT

Attention: For this process to work you need to have the SSL certificate installed on your site. The certificate is required by companies as Google and Facebook and it's a global standard to guarantee the connection's security. You can acquire the certificate here

You can allow your visitors to sign up as members or sponsors using their Facebook account. To enable this feature, the first thing you need to do is create an App on Facebook Developers platform. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to

  2. On the top right corner, click on "Log in". If you’re already logged on Facebook, go to step 4.

  3. Type your Facebook credentials and click on "Log in”.

  4. On the top right corner, click on the option "My Apps" -> "Add a New App”.

  5. Type your App Name on the field “Display Name”. This could be your site name.

  6. The field “Contact Email” will be filled automatically with the main contact email from your Facebook account. You can change it if you want.

  7. Click on “Create App ID”.

  8. On the next screen, type the security letters and hit “Submit”.

  9. You’ll be redirected to your App Dashboard.

  10. Next, click on the option “Settings” -> “Basic”.

  11. Take note of your App ID and App secret. You’ll need those on step 24.

  12. Type the remaining information and details about your App. Do not hit “Save changes” before step 13.

    1. Namespace: this field is optional

    2. App Domains: type here the domain of your website.

    3. Privacy Policy URL: type here a valid address to your website privacy policy page.

    4. Terms of Service URL: type here a valid address to your website terms of use page.

    5. Upload an icon for your app: this field is optional and can be done later.

    6. Category: choose a category that best fit with your business

  13. Click on “Add Platform”.

  14. Select the option “Website”.

  15. Type your site URL, including the protocol (http:// or https://). It should match the domain from step 12b. Then hit “Save Changes”.

  16. Next, go back to the App Dashboard.

  17. On the Add a Product section, click on the button “Set up” from the “Facebook Login” box.

  18. On the next screen, click on the option “Web”.

  19. Confirm your site URL, hit “Save” and then “Continue".

  20. On the next screen, you can keep the next steps. Click on “Settings”.

  21. On the field “Valid OAuth redirect URIs”, type all variants of your domain URL as following:

    Make sure to include the part in bold.

    Note: From March 2018, Facebook started requiring that all redirect URIs to be secure, i.e, to include https.

    Hit “Save Changes”.

  22. Back to the App Dashboard, click on the button “Off” to change your App to production.

  23. If you haven’t selected a Category to your App yet, you'll be prompted to do so now.

  24. Go back to your eDirectory Admin section -> Configurations -> Social Media and enter the App ID and App Secret copied on step 11. Click on "Save Changes”.

  25. After the page reloads, you can test your App by clicking on the question mark next to the field “Facebook User ID”.

  26. If everything is ok, you’ll be redirected to Facebook confirmation page. Log in to your Facebook if needed, and then click on “Continue as …” button.

  27. After that, you’ll be redirected back to eDirectory site manager and the field “Facebook User ID” will be filled automatically. Hit “Save Changes” again.


That’s it! Your Facebook App is created and from now on your visitors will be able to easily sign up using their Facebook account.


If your eDirectory site includes the Android mobile app, please follow the additional steps below to enable the Facebook login on the app as well.

  1. Got to the App builder website. On your site manager section, click on the Menu “Mobile Apps”.

  2. Click on “Build”.

  3. Then click on “Build & Submit”. Make sure you already defined your App Name and upload the icon and loading image for your mobile app. Otherwise you’ll be prompted to do so before having access to the App builder website.

  4. You’ll be redirected to the App builder website. Click on the option “Android”.

  5. Scroll down to the section “Facebook Login configuration” and take note of fields Google Play Package Name and Key Hashes.

  6. Back to your Facebook Developers Dashboard, click on the “Menu Settings” - “Basic”.

  7. Click on “Add Platform” and select “Android”.

  8. On the next screen, paste your Google Play Package Name and Key Hashes and hit "Save Changes".


All done! Please remember that after setting up your Facebook Login for Android for the first time, you should compile your App again and resubmit it to Google Play Store to make sure it will reflect the changes.

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