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How do I change the wording " be the first to review this item" ?

Kenny Bavoso Apr 10, 2012 06:28PM BRT

Looking for the specific file and how to go about modifying " be the first to review this item" to something else more relevant for my directory.

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Carlos B. Apr 10, 2012 06:45PM BRT

Hello Kenny,

You can change not only this phrase, but any other through the language constants file: “/lang/en_us.php”
(the file name corresponds to the language you are using, so if you plan to change for the other languages, search for the corresponding filename in this same folder)

Around line 1458 you will see:
define(“LANG_REVIEWBETHEFIRST”, “Be the first to review this item!”);

Change the phrase between the quotes to something else and save the file.

Remember to always keep a backup of the files in case something goes wrong.

I hope it helps!


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