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setting up different payment options

Kenny Bavoso Apr 10, 2012 08:29PM BRT

I would like to look to offer the following package pricing to my users.

Basic Package.

Listing fee x
Article fee x
Event fee x

Premium Package includes
Premium Listing
Unlimited Articles
Unlimited Events

Wanting to do this without giving out a promotional code for free Articles and Events.

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James Chubb Apr 11, 2012 12:17PM BRT Support Agent

Hello Kenny,

This one is a bit more involved and we’re not able to give an easy answer. You’re going to have to get into the package code for the sitemanager and customize the logic there. There are a couple view files and logic files, but I think if you look at the sitemgr “package” screens, and then look at the code you’ll be able to figure out how to modify it. If you’d like we could schedule some consulting time with a project manager versed in the code, but there would be some cost to that.

Best Regards,

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