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Ability to print list of deals/codes in manager area and sitemgr

Rich Jun 03, 2012 10:15PM BRT

It would be good if the deals redeemed code actually did something...

Ie the manager of the deal can choose how many deals he wants, then a list of codes is available for him/her to print, and then as people redeem the codes, he can check them against the list he has... just a thought, also a way to print these in the sitemgr would be useful also, maybe in export - export deal redeem codes - select client/search client - print.

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Carlos B. Jun 04, 2012 12:05PM BRT Support Agent

Hello Rich,

Thank you for the feedback – While it is not the same feature, currently the members are able to keep track of the redeemed deals through their members back-end. Once a deal is added and associated with a listing, you will notice that the “Statistics” will be available, showing the codes that were redeemed already.


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