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How can I assure that payment dates are reflected on the Invoice Records?

Julinda Aucamp Feb 04, 2014 06:33AM BRST

Hi there

Please can you let me know what action needs to be taken, to ensure that payments that have not been loaded through the site, are reflected on Invoice Reports?

We allow clients to make payments via EFT (similar to option: print invoice and pay by cheque), and therefore the payments do not go through the website.

We need the payments to reflect, however, on the Invoice Reports and on the Online Transaction Records.

Please assist in this matter.

Julinda (Online Garden Route)

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Mark D. Feb 04, 2014 06:51AM BRST

Hi Julinda,

In regard to process the said feature, it will require custom development. You may contact your Project Manager via ChangeRequest to receive a quote for this.


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