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System Requirements: What do I need to run eDirectory on my server?

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2019 04:12PM BRT

While eDirectory offers an option for clients to host the software in their own hosting environment instead of with us, there are a few considerations:

The installation on our optimized servers happens immediately via an automated process, but additional time is required for installations client servers, for scheduling the engineer to do the install and make necessary configuration adjustments.   As such it is wise to budget extra time before your public launch date.

Common delays are caused by:

1. Incorrect access credentials provided

2. Access does not have all permissions required

3. The server does not meet all the hardware requirements

4. Base configuration is missing key modules or libraries (listed in the requirements bellow)

5. Only web based Panel access is given (cPanel or Plesk)

6. Other software installed in the same server creates a potential conflict with the eDirectory requirements

The fastest and easiest way for the install is a clean server where our team can install the software and set up the server at the same time, given proper credentials, access and considering the server is Linux based. 

The install can be done with web based Panel access, but that restricts us to the upload of the software and root level configuration changes are generally not permitted, which causes delays if there is anything out of place.

Clients may perform the installation themselves, and we provide a Guide (attached) with detailed instructions for the install, but due the complexity of the process and specific knowledge required, it is typically much faster and easier if the installation is performed by the eDirectory team.

Now to the specifics:

Your eDirectory system runs within a Linux environment, and has the following basic system requirements:

  1. Apache (2.2 or 2.4) with mod-rewrite enabled and env module
  2. Mysql 5.6 OR MariaDB (10.0.27 or 10.1)
  3. PHP 7.1
    (Note: If you are using an older version of eDirectory below version 11.5 then you must use PHP 5.6)
  4. PHP standard libraries + additional modules: mcrypt, gd, intl, mbstring, pdo, pdo_mysql, exif, apcu/apc.
  5. cURL enabled
  6. JSON needs to be enabled
  7. Set on php.ini:
    1. date.timezone
    2. Safemode Disabled
    3. Openbase_dir Disabled
    4. Open_short_tag must be "ON"
  8. Ability to setup at least 11 cron jobs
  9. Elasticsearch 2.3.4 (Internal plugin of ours need to be installed along with the software)
  10. OpenSSL

If you want us assisting you with server installation and configuration, we will need root access through shell (SSH). Please check our server configuration package with our sales team.

For other versions, please check with eDirectory support. 

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