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Getting Started #1 - How to Login to your new Directory website

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 07:59PM BRT


Hello, this is Marco with eDirectory, and thank you for tuning in to our getting started video series, these short videos are designed to help our new users get set up and working on their new eDirectory websites as quickly as possible.  In this edition, we’ll cover logging into your site.


To begin, I’m going to pull up a successful purchase page for an order that was completed online for one of our cloud services for eDirectory.  As you can see here. On the page it will have the login and site access links with a temporary password ABC123, and then there are others link to login to your eDirectory, as well as the other links to front-end, back-end, sponsor's area, and some frequently asked questions.


In addition to this here, going to pull up a few emails, you should receive an order confirmation immediately following the completion of the order, welcoming you aboard, having some of your order details, as well as how to get in contact with Support, should you need any further assistance.


Along with that you're going to have an email entitled Edirectory setup done, this confirming that the setup and installation of your software has been completed, it's going to include site access, links to get to your site, as well as some other information that is very helpful for getting started with your eDirectory. But for this video, we're just going to cover how to login in.


So we have this link here and the one back here in the browser, which will both take you to your browser, to a temporary domain that was created, and it's going to bring you to the login section of the site manager area.  So the email address is going to be the same one that was used to place the order, and the password is going to be the one provided, which is ABC123.  The first thing we’ll then ask you to do is to create a more secure password, something easy to remember, type that in twice, change the password, and you’re good to go.


This will now take you to the Site Manager area, the admin dashboard, the back-end of your new eDirectory.  Again if you need this information, you’ll have it in the eDirectory setup done email, it will have all your login information, however that temporary password will no longer be valid, so it's up to you to remember your new password.


If you did not receive this email please contact support or if you are having any issues getting into your new site, please contact us right away, otherwise you should have been able to login to your site manager and get started on building up your eDirectory site.  Thanks again, this was “logging into your new site” and I’ll see you in the next video.  Thank you.


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