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Getting Started #2 - Email Configuration for your new Directory website

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 07:51PM BRT

Hello, this is Marco with eDirectory, and thank you for tuning in to our getting started video series, these short videos are designed to help our new users get set up and working on their new eDirectory websites as quickly as possible.  In this edition, we’ll cover the email sending configuration of your new site.


In setting this up, this will be the email address that will be sending automatic emails from your site, such as notifications or updates, that will be sent to your members, users, and sponsors.  This allows your site to handle a significant portion of your day-to-day operations.


To set up your own email, login in to the administrative back-end of your site, known as the site manager. Once you’re inside, click on Configuration along the left menu, then “Email Sending & Configuration.


This is where you’ll want to add the SMTP Server Information for the email address you’ll be using.  This information should be easy to find from your mail client, for example for gmail, you would  Then enter your username and password, and test the connection.  Then click SAVE CONFIGURATION.  Now your eDirectory website is ready to send on your behalf.  


Next, we’ll review Administrator emails settings.  Under GENERAL EMAIL ADDRESS, you’ll want to specify what email address with receive all notifications from the site manager.  You can place multiple email addresses here, simply separate them with a comma, like if you had a business partner for example.  Below, you can add uniqie email addresses to receive notifications in the event an action has taken place in one of these key areas, like a new listing for your sales rep, a payment notification for your accountant, or a help request for your support team. Great way to make sure your team is informed of critical updates.


With your purchase of eDirectory, is included 10 hosted email accounts.  If you’re hosting your site on our World-Class cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services, and need some additional emails created, like,, for example, simply send an email to, with your order number, found in the confirmation email, and in the subject line, put “Hosted Email Set-Up” with the emails that you’d like created listed and we’ll set that up for you. Thanks again, this was “email configuration” and I’ll see you in the next video.  Thank you. 
Thanks again, this was “email configuration” and I’ll see you in the next video.  Thank you.

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