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Getting Started #4 - Add a Logo to your new Directory website

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 08:21PM BRT

Hi, this is Marco with eDirectory, and welcome to the getting started video series.  In this edition, we’ll cover adding your logo, default image, and favicon… essentially the key places your brand logo can and will appear on your edirectory site, and how to get the best results.  So let's get started!  Here we are in the site manager, we’ll click on Configuration along the left menu, and right here under “Basic Information” is where we’ll be able to add our images for publishing to the site.

We’ll start with the logo.  The logo will appear along the header of your website, as you can see here.  The ideal image size here is 180px x 90px and the maximum file size 1.5 MB. We support all the most common image file types, however GIFs are not supported.  Once you upload an image, you’ll see a preview.  Click Save, and then refresh the homepage of your site to see it LIVE.  Easy as that!

Ok, so pretty much the same exact process applies for the default profile image, this will be placed for any listing or piece of content where there is an image area and nothing is included, the system will display this image as a default, which can be your brand image or any other image that works best for your community. The ideal image size here for the best experience is 300x150 pixels

Next up, The favicon, which is the image that will display on the tab of the browser when pulled up by a visitor to the site, you can see an example of that here.  The file type required is .ICO with an ideal image size of 16x16 pixles.  If you’re not familiar with a .ICO file, you can actually edit the file extension of a .PNG file by replacing that with .ICO. Neat trick there.  With these quick and easy edits you should have your brand logos and images up and live in a few simple steps.

Ok, well that about wraps up our coverage of adding your logo, default image, and favicon.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please submit a support ticket, start a chat on the website, or email and a member of our success team will be happy to assist you! Thank you for tuning into the Adding your Logo video, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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