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How to configure Login with Google

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019 10:28AM BRT
Attention: For this process to work you need to have the SSL certificate installed on your site. The certificate is required by companies as Google and Facebook and it's a global standard to guarantee the connection's security. You can acquire the certificate here

Configuring your login with Google is fairly easy, all you need is a Google account to get started!

After being logged into your Google account, follow the steps below:

1- Click here to go into the Google Developer's Console and create a project for your website!
2- After inserting your Project's name and clicking Create, click on the "Credentials" and then on "OAuth consent screen" as seen below:

3- Insert the necessary informations on the OAuth consent screen tab and hit "save"

4- Go back to the "Credentials" tab and select "Create Credentials", choose the "OAuth Client ID" option as seen below:

5- On the next screen, select "Web Application" and list the URL of your website with all of the combinations with www and https://, for example:
If your website is called, insert the following URLs as Javascript Origins and Redirects:



6- DONE! On the next screen you'll receive the Client ID and Client secret, which should be placed on your site manager under:
Configurations -> Social Media


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