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How do I upgrade to the latest version of the eDirectory system?

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017 06:22PM BRT
We always release new versions of eDirectory to add new features and make some improvements based on your feedback. If you wish to upgrade your website to the newest version please submit a request by filling out this form.

One of our account executives will contact you directly to sort out the upgrade details as soon as the upgrade request form is received and processed. 

Please see below some of the most important things to consider before requesting an upgrade.

1.  Your website will look and function as the way you see on Demodirectory. Therefore, we recommend trying it out first to make sure you know how your website will work after the upgrade. We won't be able to offer any feature that doesn't appear on Demodirectory without quoting a customization request. 

2. You are not going lose any data after the upgrade unless you opt for a clean fresh install. That means all of your existing site content will be retained except the mods and customizations. 

3. Please note that every mod and customization you purchased so far are specifically tailored for your current version. Therefore, these mods and customizations are not included in the upgrade process and will be removed during the upgrade. It will require a bit of hands-on development time to tailor them again to your existing version. 

Please make sure to mention which mods and customizations you want to transfer to the new version in the upgrade request form. A special quote will be provided by your account executive to re-tailor and transfer to the new version.

Always check if you are using the most recent version before purchasing new mods and customizations.

4. If you are a Source Code Owner of eDirectory and self-hosting the website, please make sure your server meets all the system requirements for the newest version. The installation of the system requirements must be done by the hosting provider. If you request these configurations from us, we may quote additional charges for server configuration depending on the nature of your request. 

Alternatively, you can always transfer your hosting to our servers which are specifically configured to host the newest version of eDirectory. We offer special hosting plans exclusive for the Source Code Owners. 

We will specifically require SSH root access to transfer your data. Other server access credentials such as FTP or Cpanel are not sufficient for upgrade and data migration. 

If you are subscribed to the eDirectory Cloud Service (Basic, Professional or Enterprise) or a Source Code Owner hosting on our servers, you don't have to worry about these system requirements as you will continue hosting with us. 

Source Code Owners who wish to self-host should always consult system requirements before migrating to a different server. 

5.  There is no charge to upgrade to the newest if you meet the following conditions.
  • You signed up for the eDirectory Cloud Service (Basic, Professional or Enterprise) and make monthly/yearly for eDirectory Cloud service. 
  • You signed up for the Premium Support Package - for eDirectory Source Code Owners only. 
If you don't meet one of the conditions mentioned above, your account executive will send you an invoice for upgrade fee. 

6. The upgrade must be done individually because each eDirectory website is a unique website. Therefore, we will have to put you in a queue based on the arrival of your request. For this reason, there can be a delay between 30-90 days after the upgrade request is confirmed depending on the size of the queue. If you opt for a clean fresh clean install without data migration, it can be installed in 48 hours provided that you are hosting with us. If you are self-hosting the process can take longer if your server doesn't meet the server requirements mentioned above. 

We recommend that you consult with your account executive and plan your upgrade ahead. We can make exceptions and expedite for very urgent upgrades but there may be additional charges for this urgency as we will have to assign an extra developer for this task. 

7. We will upgrade your website on a staging area hosted on our servers so that you can review and approve your website before going live. During this time, we will block the back end (Site Manager and Sponsors) of your existing website to avoid data inconsistency between the live area and staging area. The back end will show an under maintenance message.

Feel free to add your new content to the staging area because it will replace your website once you go live. However we recommend that you review your staging area as quick as possible to finish the upgrade and unblock the back end on your live area. Also, if you have mods and customizations to carry over, please advise if you wish to implement them on your staging area or directly to live. That way we can coordinate better with the custom dev team while scheduling your upgrade. 

8. Please confirm by emailing support team after you are done reviewing the upgrade  We will transfer the staging area to live as soon as possible after you confirm by email. If you are the Source Code Owner and self-hosting your website, we will migrate the upgrade to your server. We will need SSH root access for this task. 

Please contact your account executive from sales team if you have further questions about the upgrade process. If your upgrade is ongoing, you can also contact the support team for status updates. 


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