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Configuring Click-to-Call and Send-to-Phone

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2016 10:34AM BRT

The eDirectory system uses a Third Party API for sending SMS Messages as well as the Click to Call feature. In order for these features to function, the site manager must have a paid account through Twilio. With the Click to Call & Send to Phone feature, your directory can send text messages to the users with the most relevant information relating to the listing, as well as connect a telephone call between themselves and the listing owner by selecting the 'Click To Call' option. Visit to register for a Twilio Account.

Once an account is setup, or if you have an existing account, you will need the following pieces of information to properly setup the Click to Call and SMS Messaging system:

  • Twilio Account SID

  • Auth Token

  • Click to Call Message

1. Upon logging onto eDirectory, open the Configuration tab.


2. Once you open Configuration, select Click to Call.

3. Then, check the box to "Allow users to use Click to Call."

4. Furthermore, input the Twilio Account SID and the Twilio Auth Token.


5. You also have the ability to configure your own ‘Click to Call’ Message. Type your message in the "Click to Call" message box.

6. Finally, click Save Changes in the bottom right hand corner.


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