Disclaimer: This Plugin is only available for eDirectory versions equal and below version 11.4.


  1. This feature doesn't require any additional configuration to work. Once installed, the organization of all business blocks, events and classifieds are first sorted by distance, and also present the current distance from the location of the user.
  2. While viewing the site, the system will request location sharing. The user must confirm / enable this functionality for the Geo-target Directory to start operating.

Common Questions:

Q.: If all listings will be sorted by distance, will this feature push premium listings behind ?
A.: Yes, in that case distance will always take priority.

Q.: Example: SanFrancisco has 100 listings and PaloAlto has 2 listings. A site visitor is from PaloAlto, which is few miles away from SanFrancisco. Will the visitor's home page of listings, events, classifieds and search results page show SanFrancisco results too ?
A: If the widget of these pages needs to show more than 2 listings, it will show both PaloAlto and SanFrancisco results.