The eDirectory system allows for the Sitemgr to create and manage Promotional Codes. These Promotional Codes allow the sitemgr to provide a potential member a discount off their initial purchase of an item from their directory. They can also be used for existing members to provide them with a discount off the renewal cost for their item. The Promotional Codes can be added and managed through in the following area:

Sitemgr -> Revenue Center -> Promotional Codes


Through the 'Manage' interface you can view, edit, and delete Promotional Codes that you have already created and are saved in the system. 


Through the 'Add' interface, you can add details for a new Promotional Code.

  • Code - Indicates the name of the Promotional Code. This is what your end users will be typing into the Promotional Code field to receive their discount. An example code would be 'July75'
  • Expiration Date - Indicates the date in which the Promotional Code will expire and the system will not longer accept it as a valid code.
  • Type - You can provide either a Percentage (%) discount off the purchase or a Fixed Value ($) amount discount off the initial purchase.
  • Amount - Indicates the amount off for this particular Promotional Code
  • Available For - Indicates which active modules you would like this particular Promotional Code to be valid for. You must select, at minimum, one module.
  • Repeat Use - Indicates whether or not you want a code to be able to be used multiple times with the same item (recurring).

    If you select 'yes', the promotional code can be used an unlimited number of times with the same item or different items until it expires (based on the expiration date).

    If you select 'no', the promotional code will be non-recurring. That means that the discount will only be applied during the initial transaction of an item. For subsequent payments, i.e. in the case of renewals, the discount will no longer be applied. This code still can be applied for different non paid items.

New Item Registration Pages

When a member is registering for a item through your directory, and they have a Promotional Code, they will be prompted to type in the code during 'Step 1' of the checkout process.

If a valid Promotional Code is entered the system will automatically calculate the discounted amount and prompt the user to pay that discounted amount plus tax (if applicable).

Existing Member Renewal Pages

When an existing member goes through the process of renewing an item through their member interface, they will be prompted with the Promotional Code field as well.

Upon typing in the Promotional Code and selecting the payment method then clicking 'Next' the system will automatically prompt the end user to pay the discounted renewal amount plus tax (if applicable).