Welcome to the world of eDirectory, where your online directory website comes to life with vibrant banners. Banners are not just an eye-catching feature; they also serve as a powerful tool to showcase advertisements and promote various aspects of your directory. In this article, we will explore the different locations on your website where banners can be displayed, helping you make the most of this exciting feature.

To unveil the banner locations on your eDirectory website, follow these simple steps:

1. From your directory's front end, navigate to the "LIST WITH US" option conveniently located in the navigation bar.

2. Once you're in the "List with Us" section, you'll find the "Banner Options" tab. Click on it to access the various banner placement choices.

3. Below the pricing details for the different banner types, you'll notice buttons labeled "VIEW SAMPLE." These buttons are your ticket to previewing the appearance and location of each banner type.

Banner Types and Their Display Locations

There are five different options for banner type, and they are each displayed in different ways:

Leaderboard (728px x 90px):

This banner type is ideal for making a bold statement. It will appear as a large central banner, capturing the attention of your website's visitors.

Large Mobile Banner (320px x 100px):

It is displayed in a cluster of three widgets, creating a visually engaging experience.

Square (250px x 250px):

The square banner finds its home at the right side of the Horizontal Cards widget, Browse by category or browse by location widgets, complementing the content in these sections.

Wide Skyscraper (160px x 600px):

Like the square banner, the wide skyscraper banner is positioned at the right of the widget. It can also be utilized within the Recent Reviews, Horizontal Cards, Browse by category or browse by location widgets, providing flexibility in its placement.

Sponsored Links (320px x 100px):

The Sponsored Links banner is all about precision. It allows you to display a banner title, two custom descriptions, and a link to redirect users to the desired page. Customize this banner to align with your website's content and objectives, creating targeted and engaging advertisements.

With these banner options, you have the power to strategically place advertisements and highlight important content, enhancing the user experience and revenue potential of your directory website. For more information on which widgets the banners are displayed, please, check our article: Banners

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