First, be aware of some information about categories:
1) It’s important that you define your categories prior to importing or adding any listings, this way the system will know where to assign the newly created listings.
2) The categories you define for Listings will also apply to the Deals engine for a smoother operation between listing owners and the special deals they share with your community.
3) You have the option to define unique categories for Events, Articles, Classifieds, and BLOG making each of these features on your eDirectory site operate in a tailored fashion for a better user experience.
There are 2 ways to add categories, both manually and in bulk, and we’ll cover both.
In your site manager, go to Content Manager and chose the section you want to add the categories. (Example: To set categories for listings go to “Listings” section). Then, click “Manage Categories”. See as below:

You’ll be redirected to a new page, where you can choose if you will add manually or in bulk.
1) Click “+ Add Category”.

2) On the following page, you’ll be able to insert the category name, upload image and set the keywords for the search.
3) Below, you can add a description for your category and edit the SEO information. Then, hit “Save Changes”.

1) Click “+ Add Multiple Categories”

2) Here, you can add the categories and the subcategories. Each category should be on a new line. To create a hierarchy between categories, use the separator "->" between the main category and sub-categories (Up to 5 sub-level categories). You can also set the categories as feature. See as the image below:

3) Select "Set all new categories as featured" to make sure they appear on the home page inside the browse by category widget. 

4)  Click “Add Categories”.