Hi, this is Marco with eDirectory, and welcome to the getting started video series.  In this edition, we’ll cover setting up and managing your pricing levels, which allows you to define how users and members will interact with your eDirectory website.  Remember, nothing is ever set in stone, and you’ll be able to make changes as you grow, so we’ll cover the essentials for now, but in general, you’ll need pricing levels before adding members so they’ll be able to join into a specific level and get all the benefits you’ve assigned for that pricing level.  So let’s get started!


Ok, so here we are in the site manager dashboard, we’ll navigate go ahead and navigate over to the Configuration here along the left hand menu, then we’ll select Manage Levels & Pricing.  We’ll start with the currency tab here, great way to help the system understand about your currency preferences as your members will also be billed via system-generated invoice, have taxes applied in the currency denomination you’ve defined with other options for labels like Sales Tax for the USA, VAT for our UK clients, and GST in Australia, for example.  Whichever works best for your specific community.


Now, before we go into the Pricing Levels, we’ll check the Payment Gateway options tab for an important heads up here.  You’ll have the option to connect your payment gateway to allow you to control all of your own finances.  eDirectory doesn’t collect any fees or revenue here.  We highly recommend PayPal, Authorize.net, with the premier solution being Stripe for it’s enhanced functionalities like Free Trials, over 200 currency types accepted, and the way that it works with our system, which is just great. If you plan to charge for recurring payments, be sure to check this box here above to avoid any issues.  Simply add the account email or ID, click save, and you’re all set.


Alright, so now, let’s get into the Levels & Pricing.  We’ll start with Listings and then move on to the other types of membership like Events, Classifieds, Banner Ads, and Articles. The system comes with 4 pricing levels included for Listings, right out of the box.  You define the names of those pricing levels, which one is the most popular option, which will be featured, and the option to disable any level as needed. Stipulate what price per month, year (hopefully with some savings to encourage a greater commitment), how many categories members of that listing level can appear in, and the price to add more categories a la carte to increase their visibility on your site.  If you have Stripe as your payment gateway, you can even define here how long their free trial will be, great way to get members in adding content to your community with no obligation.  Next we’ll go into the details of each listing level.


Here in the details section of pricing level is where you can create ladders to encourage clients to upgrade as they’ll have more access to more tools and features that will really help showcase their listings.  We make it very easy here with checkboxes and counters so you state how many deals members within this membership level can add, are they allowed to attach helpful documents like PDFs for things like brochures, menus, price sheets, or can they can add videos to really help let visitors know more about them before connecting, and can they link to their website or social media profile to add additional credibility or ways to connect at another time.  You’ll also find that the pricing levels and details for Events, Classifieds, Banner Ads, and Articles work in almost the exact same way.  Keep in mind, classifieds can be used to showcase properties, businesses, products, automobiles, boats, trains, and planes, whatever works best for your online community.  


Ok, well that about wraps up our coverage of managing your pricing and levels.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please submit a support ticket, start a chat on the website, or email Support@eDirectory.com and a member of our success team will be happy to assist you! Thank you for tuning into the Manage Levels & Pricing video, and I’ll see you in the next one!