Sponsors are accounts that own a module (listing, event, banner, classified or article). To become a sponsor account, the user must sign up for one of those items. The steps are explained below.

1. Go to List with us page and sign up for a listing (or any other module you want);

2. Fill in the requested information. The required fields are the listing title (the name of the listing) and category. Then click Continue;

3. On the next page, you need to create your account. You need to enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and a password (you can define your own password at that moment) to create your account;

4. If you are signing up for paid listing, the next step will be the Check Out, or the payment page. The user will make the payment for the module. The page varies depending on which payment gateway (Paypal, Authorize.net, Stripe, etc.) the site manager configured for his website;

5. In this example, we skip the Check out process. Therefore it will go directly to the last step which is finishing the listing. On this page, the user should complete his listing by entering all the relevant fields and click the Save button. The only required fields are the Listing Title (name of the listing) and Category. The remaining fields are optional. So the user can leave them blank or fill them later if he wants to by editing the listing;

Keep in mind that this example is a free listing. If the user signs up for a paid listing, there will be more fields available to fill in. Remember, the more they pay, the more features they get and the more information they enter, the better the listing will become;

6. Initially, the listing status will appear as Pending. This is because the site manager needs to review and approve the listing. While the listing is in pending status, it won't appear on the website. Once the listing is approved, the status will change to Active and the listing will start appearing on the website;

This is it! The user becomes a sponsor account as soon as he finishes creating his first listing.