Setting up e-mail to a Third Party service (Gmail, Outlook):

1. On the site manager, go to “Configuration” then “E-mail Sending Configuration”:

2. The SMTP server varies according to the service you will use. On server, type “” if you’re going to use an Gmail account or “” if you want to use the Outlook service.

3. Click the “The server above requires secure authentication (TLS/SSL)” option

4. If you’re using a SSL certificate, set the option and write “465” on the “Port” field. If you’re using a TLS certificate, set the option and write “587” on the “Port” field:

5. Put on your e-mail address, username and password. Your username will be the same as the e-mail address and the password it’s the one you use for the e-mail account.

*Attention: For the step 5 it’s important to turn off the two steps verification on your e-mail account, só eDirectory have no problem reaching it. If your email is hosted by Google, we have detailed instructions here:

Email sending configuration with emails hosted by Google 

6. Click the test smtp server connection button. If it’s succesful, click to save configuration.


To set up the e-mail hosted with eDirectory: You can only setup email addresses if your site is live with your own URL/domain address. If you are still using the temporary staging URL, please change your URL first. You can find the necessary instructions for changing the domain URL here.

If you already set the domain address and our support team created the e-mail server and login credentials, follow the steps:

1. After creating your own e-mail addresses, go to site manager > Configuration > E-mail Sending Configuration.

2. On the field "Server", type "mail.[yourdomain].com"

3. Select the "The server above requires secure authentication (TLS/SSL)" option. Then set the "Port" field to the number 465 and select the "SSL" option on the field below.

4. Write down your e-mail sending address on the fields "Email Address" and "Username". Then type the password of the e-mail.

5. Hit the Test SMTP button and if it's succesful hit "Save Configuration".

The setting must be as the image below: