In the dynamic world of online content, providing a rich and engaging experience is essential. The "Additional Videos for Article" plugin empowers content creators and site managers by allowing them to associate more than one video with their articles. This versatile plugin provides a seamless integration of multimedia content, enhancing the overall appeal and depth of your articles. Let's explore the simple steps to make your articles more visually engaging and interactive.

Step 1: Define Video Quantity for Each Article

To kick-start the incorporation of the "Additional Videos for Article" plugin, the first step is to define the quantity of additional videos that clients can associate with each article. Navigate to Settings → "Manage Levels & Pricing" → Articles section, enter the desired number of videos, and then click "Save Changes." 

This straightforward customization allows you to tailor the number of videos available on the articles.

Step 2: Add Videos with Ease

Once you've set the number of videos for the articles, an option for adding videos becomes available. This functionality seamlessly integrates into the process of creating an article. If the defined limit for the article is greater than zero, users will have the flexibility to incorporate multiple videos. 

In order to see the option, navigate to Content → Articles →click to edit an existing article or click to add a new one. 

In the article entry form, a field to add videos will be displayed. Simply add the YouTube URL of the video, and a description. 

Notice: The tool supports videos from popular platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo only. To add a video, simply paste the link to the designated area, name it, and then press "Save Changes." This user-friendly process ensures that your articles can showcase a variety of multimedia content, contributing to a richer and more engaging reader experience.

Step 3: Showcase Videos in the Article

The added videos will be available in the bottom area of the article. If multiple videos are added to an article, they will be neatly presented as a gallery. This gallery format allows users to effortlessly navigate through the multimedia content associated with the article, providing a comprehensive and interactive viewing experience.

By incorporating the "Additional Videos for Article" plugin, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your articles but also provide a more immersive experience for your readers. Elevate your articles by embracing multimedia content, and captivate your audience with this simple yet powerful enhancement.

Note: The "Additional Videos for Article" is a plugin sold separately. If your site doesn't have this plugin installed, please check this link for more details: Multiple Videos for Articles, or reach out to your dedicated sales representative.