eDirectory Import feature allows the Sitemgr to upload listing data in bulk.  For the import to work, you need to convert your data to eDirectory CSV file format. A CSV file template can be downloaded through your Sitemgr area in the following location:

Sitemgr > Content Manager > Import > Listings > Download Template File

Please note that there are a number of common errors people make when importing CSV files.

We do advise that you download the CSV file template and just copy and paste your data to the appropriate fields to avoid Import errors due to incorrect formatting

When formatting the data, it is very important to remember a couple of key things:

  • DO NOT add or remove any columns from the spreadsheet. Each column in the downloaded CSV is specifically mapped to a particular table in the Database.
  • DO NOT remove any of the text inside Row 1. Please begin filling your data in beginning with Row 2.
  • Listing Title is the only required field for the import to properly run. However, we recommend filling out at least category and location so it is easier for end-users to locate the listings you have imported.
  • If you want an imported listing to be placed into a Sub-Category, please format the cell as Category->Sub-Category (with no spaces in between). Each listing can be associated with a maximum of 5 Categories / Sub-Categories.
  • DO NOT use any types of symbols (™ / ® / ℠ / © / ℗ / etc) nor any foreign characters to prevent errors upon importing.

If you would like to check more details on how to fill out the import fields, please, check this article: How to fill out the import fields

When the file is ready, click Choose Your File and upload the file.

You can upload the file with CSV or XLS extension. Please note that the XLSX extension is not supported. The size of the file should not exceed 5MB. When you are ready, click Next.

On the next page, the system will show you a preview of 5 listings and show to which column they belong so that you can check if everything is correct before you continue. To continue, click the Next button.

Import Settings

During the 3rd step of the import, the system will show you some preferences. 

The import settings interface has several options you can reconfigure including:

  • Default Level for imported items without level: This option sets a predefined Listing Level (bronze, silver, gold, diamond) if the Listing Level field in the CSV file is left blank;
  • Set all imported items as active: This option automatically enables all listing data from the import as “Active”;
  • Import all new categories as featured: This option automatically sets all imported categories as featured so that the categories appear on the home page;         
  • Overwrite matching items: This option verifies if the listing ID is from an existing listing and if so updates the listing data as specified in the current import CSV file. You can verify the Listing ID when you export the listing data;
  • Import items to the same account: This option assigns all listing data imported to a default account if the “Account Username”  field in the CSV file is blank.

Click Next when you are ready. Depending on the size of the file, it may take between 15 and 30 minutes to upload. You can check the process by clicking View Import log.


The import log will show you the status of the import. If it is still processing it will show On Queue. If it is finished, it will show Completed. If there is a problem, it will show Error and show the reason for the error beneath the file.

Common Errors

  • CSV headers do not match – this usually happens if the CSV file header names have been altered. Click the plus icon to verify which particular header entry is incorrect;

  • Renewal date error: The renewal date format must match the format you set in the configurations. (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy);
  • Location error: The location structure in the import must match the location structure you have in the sitemgr. For example, if you enabled Country, State, and City, you can't import a city without adding a country and state;
  • User can't go to step 3: This happens when you upload an invalid file type such as XLSX. Please save your spreadsheet in CSV or XLS (without an x at the end) extension and try again;
  • Import Stuck in Queue: If the import takes longer than 1 hour to load, then it means a cron job in the server has stuck and needs to be fixed. Please contact support by email: support@edirectory;
  • Please contact support for other import-related errors.

Populating your Directory with Locations Using Import

The eDirectory system does not have a tool to import just locations and we only have the location data of the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Brazil. If you wish to bulk add locations, there is a workaround available using the existing listing import tool. Please follow the following procedure:

  • Download and use the CSV template available in your Sitemgr > Data Management > Import;
  • Fill out the location fields you wish to include. Country, Region, State, City, Neighborhood;
  • Since the Listing Title is the only required field you can use example listing titles such as listing1, listing2, listing3, etc. Rather than titles of real businesses.


  • Import the File;
  • Once the file has finished importing, please navigate to the 'Import Log'. Once the import is finished, please click the downward pointing arrow and click Cancel Import. This process will remove the dummy listings you have added but the locations you imported will remain intact.