The 'Featured Listing' is a feature to highlight the highest listing levels on the site.  It is present on the directory homepage, and as well as on the listing homepage. The Featured Listings will be displayed prominently on your homepage, right below the slider, but it is possible to change its position. Find below, the instructions on how to configure featured listings. 

1- Go to Design → Page Editor → Home page:

2- Find the Featured listings widget and click to edit it:

Note: Upon the purchase of eDiretory, when you access the home page, you will find this Featured Listings widget by default. However, this widget's real name is "Vertical cards", and it is displaying Featured listings because the widget title is featured listings.

If you would like to add this widget to display listings on this same page or on other pages of the site, you will be able to find it under the name "Vertical cards"

3- Configure which level will be featured, how many items (listings) you would like to display, the criteria to order the listings and hit "Save changes". 

4- Save changes on your page:

5- Click to view:

The featured listings will be displayed:


Note:  Normally, the featured listings are the diamond level, because they are the highest-paying listings. If you don't see a certain listing in featured listings, please check if it meets the following conditions:

Is it in a featured listing level?
Is the listing active?
How many items(listings) is it set to display?

The listing will only display in the featured listings widget if it meets these three conditions. You can check it on Content → Listings:

And then check if the listing is Active and belongs to the featured listing level.

If fewer listings are being displayed than the ones available on the backend, you can also check how many items are set to display and increase its number on the featured listings widget:

If the listing meets all of these conditions, it should appear in the featured listings section. Otherwise please contact us via so that we can check if there is a problem.