The "Additional Locations for Listing" plugin offers a valuable feature for listing owners who operate businesses with multiple branches or locations. With this plugin, listing owners can easily add more than one location to their listing, providing users with comprehensive information about their business presence across different areas. Whether you have multiple branches, offices, or stores, this plugin is a perfect fit for expanding the reach of your listings.

Steps to Use the Plugin

1. Define Maximum Additional Locations: navigate to "Settings" and then to the "Manage Levels & Pricing" section in your eDirectory admin panel, enter the desired quantity for the number of additional locations that clients can associate with each listing level, and press "Save Changes" to apply the settings.

2. Add/Edit Additional Locations: while adding or editing a listing, you'll find the option to create or edit additional locations. Simply navigate to the listing's editing interface and locate the section for additional locations.


Here, you can input the details of each additional location, including its address, contact information, and any other relevant details. Save your changes to add or update the additional locations associated with the listing.

3. View Additional Locations on Listing Detail Page: Once additional locations have been registered for a listing, they will be displayed on the listing's detail page. Users visiting the listing will be able to view all associated locations, providing them with comprehensive information about the business's presence in multiple areas.

Each additional location will be listed with its respective details, allowing users to easily identify and access the different branches or offices associated with the listing.

Note: The Additional locations for listings plugin is sold separately; if your website does not have the multiple locations feature, please check this link for more details: Multiple Locations or contact your dedicated sales representative.


The "Additional Locations for Listing" plugin enhances the functionality of eDirectory by allowing listing owners to provide detailed information about their business's multiple locations. Whether you're a franchise owner, a multi-location retailer, or a business with offices in different cities, this plugin empowers you to showcase your presence effectively. Follow the simple steps outlined above to start leveraging the power of additional locations for your listings today!