eDirectory supports a number of payment gateways out of the box, such as Authorize.net, Paypal, Worldpay, however you may wish to customize the system to support your own gateway.   This is typically not a difficult task, and our in house customization team usually requires 1-2 days to develop and test most gateways, but it depends on the gateway's API.  If you would like the eDirectory team to implement a new gateway for you, please contact your account manager.

Prior to even looking at the eDirectory code, it is recommend you thoroughly review the API of the Payment gateway which you are trying to implement.   Most gateways have similar methods, and doing so will allow you to see correspondence in the eDirectory code.

Here are typically the steps to implement a gateway.   ***See disclaimer about code customizations below.

1 - Create a file that will contain settings information for the payment gateway, for example (conf/payment_paypal.inc.php )

2 - Edit the code that allows these settings to be configured in the Site Manager via /sitemgr/prefs/paymentgateway.php  and the settings configurations forms /includes/forms/form_paymentsettings_paypal.php for example)

3 - Checkout forms for the payment gateway should be created such as /includes/forms/form_billing_paypal.php 

4 - Additionally code to receive the response from the payment gateway must be created such as /includes/code/billing_paypal.php

5 - The payment method selection form must be altered so the user can select which payment method to use: includes/code/form_paymentmethod.php 

6 - Some gateways have another receipt file that must be created members/billing/receipt.php


Note:  Customizing the eDirectory code takes a skilled developer.  The support team cannot debug or provide support for customizations made by a third party.