The "Article Association for Listings" plugin is a powerful tool that allows listing owners to associate their listings with articles and display those articles directly on the listing detail page. This integration enhances the value of listings by providing additional context and information through associated articles. In this instructional article, we will guide you through the steps to effectively utilize this plugin and maximize its benefits for your directory website.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Define Maximum Quantity of Associated Articles

  • Navigate to "Settings", and then to "Manage Levels & Pricing" section in your directory dashboard.
  • Enter the desired quantity of articles that clients can associate with each listing level. 
  • Click on "Save Changes" to apply the settings.

2. Configuring the listing template

  • Access Content → Listings → Listing templates and select the available templates for editing. If you have multiple templates, it's advisable to follow these steps for each template to ensure seamless display of articles.
  • Upon accessing your listing template, click on the "+" sign to add a new tab. 

  • Name the new tab "Articles" or your preferred label to denote that users will find associated articles under this tab. After naming the tab, click on "Add a Widget".

  • Locate and add the "Associated Articles" widget.

  • Additionally, ensure visibility of the articles tab by adding another widget, such as "Contact Information", to the right column.

  • Next, scroll up and save your changes to finalize the configuration. These steps will ensure that the listings on your site are able to display the associated articles under them, as demonstrated in step 5 of this article. 

3. Creating Associations

  • Associations between listings and articles can be established in both the "Listing" and "Article" sections.
  • In the "Listing" section, while creating or editing a listing, navigate to the "Article" tab to add or remove associated articles. 
  • Similarly, in the "Article" section, while creating or editing an article, you can add or remove associated listings from the available list. 

4. Association Criteria

  • When editing a listing, only articles related to the specific advertiser will be displayed for association, or articles without any association.
  • Similarly, when editing an article, only listings related to the advertiser will be available for selection.

5. Display on Listing Page

  • Associations will be displayed on both the listing detail page and the article detail page.
  • On the listing detail page, all associated articles will be displayed, including the title, standard image, and summary of each article.

  •  In the "Article" section, a link will be provided that redirects the user to the listing offering the associated article.

Note: The Article association for listings plugin is sold separately; if your website does not have the article association feature, please check this link for more details: Article Association for Listings or contact your dedicated sales representative. 


The "Article Association for Listings" plugin offers a seamless integration between listings and articles, enriching the user experience on your directory website. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively utilize this plugin to enhance the value of your listings and provide valuable content to your users. Implementing this plugin will not only improve engagement but also establish your directory website as a valuable resource for information and services.