1. To define the maximum quantity of articles that the client can associate for each listing level, go to “Manage Levels & Pricing” section, enter the desired quantity and then press “Save Changes”.

2. An association between listings and articles can be created in both sessions, either in the "Listing" section (creating or editing), or in the "Article" section (also available when creating or editing).

3. While editing a listing, it’s possible to add/remove an associated article by the “Article” tab. However, if the listing is associated to the advertiser, only articles related to this specific advertiser will be displayed, or articles without any relations.

4. While adding/editing an article, it’s possible to add/remove an associated listing from the list of available items. If the article is related to the advertiser, only his listings will be available for selection.

5. The same steps used to create the association can be used to create the relationship between the listing and the article, and also It will be available on both detail pages.

6. Also, on the listing page will be available all the articles related to that listing, including the title, standard image and summary of each article.

7. In the “Article” section will be available a link that will redirect the client to the listing offering the article.