In the ever-evolving world of online directories, providing users with intuitive and visually appealing navigation is paramount. The "Browse By Map" plugin in eDirectory allows you to take your site's user experience to the next level by incorporating an interactive map feature. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of configuring and adding the "Browse By Map" plugin to your eDirectory site.

Configuring Browse By Map Settings:

 1. Access General Settings:

  • Log in to your Site Manager.
  • Navigate to Settings → General Settings.
  • Click on the "Plugins" tab.
  • Locate the Browse by Map plugin

In this window you will be able to change the color of both the map and the background, change the area that the map will display, which may be the whole world, a specific continent, or even a country registered in your eDirectory locations.

Furthermore, you can also select the option that makes the map colors stronger according to the density (quantity) of listings in that location. Choose the type of map and then press Save Changes.

2.Adding Browse By Map Widget to a Page:

  • Go to Design → Page Editor.
  • Click to edit the Desired Page

  • Select the page where you want to integrate the Browse By Map widget (e.g., your home page) and click "Edit."
  • Click on the button "Add a Widget":

  • Locate and add the "Browse By Map" widget to the selected page.

  • Save the changes to ensure the widget is successfully added to the page.

3. Using the Browse By Map Widget:

Once added to the pages, the Browse By Map becomes clickable if the area has items registered on them. This is an example of how the widget works with the list density button checked.

The widget works seamlessly with the list density button checked, providing users with a dynamic and interactive browsing experience.


Congratulations! You've successfully configured and added the "Browse By Map" plugin to your eDirectory site. This enhancement will undoubtedly contribute to a more engaging and user-friendly interface. Should you have any questions or encounter challenges during the process, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance at

Thank you for choosing eDirectory, and we trust this addition will elevate the navigation experience for your site visitors.

The Browse by map is a plugin sold separately, if your site does not have the Browse by map plugin section, check this link for more details: Browse by Map  or contact your dedicated sales representative.