Each time the sitemgr goes through the process of importing a .csv file, the system relies on the proper running of the 'Import' Cron Job. This Cron Job is designed to run every 5 minutes, so initially, it is normal to see your import in 'Pending' Status. However, if your import file is in pending status for more than 5 minutes it is most likely that the 'Import' Cron Job is not running properly. If you experience this issue please take the following action:

1. Send an email to the support team with the title 'Import Stuck in Pending Status';

2. In the email body, add some informations about the import. And the most important of all, the project name (URL).

With the email submitted our support team will be able to verify the issue, and if it is related to stalled Cron Jobs, they will be able to refresh them and the import will begin running immediately.