1. In the "Page Editor" session you can customize the Community Forum pages just as detailed as other system pages.
  2. Make sure that the Forum Home page and Forum Details are properly filled with your widgets. Otherwise, restore the default widgets.
  3. It’s important to know that the Horizontal Question Bar widget is available to every customizable page, which allows the administrator to suggest a new discussion anywhere.
  4. Like other system modules, it’s also possible to create categories for the Forum module. For the non-administrator user it’s required to fill out the category field, because it’s more appropriate to fill the category registration at the beginning of the use of this new module.
  5. Users that are logged can answer open discussions, and also share the page and detail pages and others modules.
  6. Every user can edit their own comments and discussions, while accessing their profile in the system. The administrator can only remove or edit discussions and answers that have already been created.