The Dropdown Menu editor can be found on the sitemgr, under the section Design > Navigation Menu.

Creating menu items

To create menu items, click on the "Add Menu Item" button, edit the menu item Label, and choose where it will link to. For the "Custom Link" option, the "Custom Link" field must be filled with a valid URL, containing the protocol (https:// or http://).

You can also choose if the item will be associated with a sub-menu. There is an example of association below on this page. Click on "Save Changes" after editing the menu.

Removing menu items

To remove menu items, click on the trash can icon on the right side of the menu item row, then click "OK" to confirm the removal of the item.

Changing the order of menu items

To change the menu order, click and drag on the three horizontal bars icon of the menu item that you want to move and release it at the desired position.

Creating menus with sub-menus and associating menu items

To create menus with sub-menus, click on the "Add menu item" button and choose "Menu with sub menus" for the column "Links To". You can associate other menu items to the sub-menu on the column "Association". The navigation menu will visually display the association.

Front example

Here's a quick example of how the dropdown menu will work:

Important note: always remember to save the changes.

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