Leads are an important aspect to any directory because they allow for potential customers to reach out by e-mail to the owners of listings, events, classifieds, etc. Leads generate business and allow the sponsors to see the effectiveness of purchasing a listing, event, classified, etc.


1. Upon logging on as Site Manager, click on the Activities tab located on the left hand side of the screen.


2. Once you open Activities, click on Leads.
3. From the Manage Leads home screen, you can click through the 4 tabs to see if you have any leads to respond to: Listing Leads, Events Leads, Classified Leads, and General Leads.


4. To read a lead, click View under the Options heading. If you do not need to keep a lead, simply click Delete under the Options heading.
5. In addition, if you want to Reply or Forward the lead on, simply click on these options after reading the lead, and it will prompt you write a message.
6. After you finish writing your response to a lead, click Send. If you would like to delete a lead response, you can click Cancel.