Hi there, and Welcome Aboard eDirectory.com,

The global leader in online directory software! We’re thrilled to be powering this project with you and we want to make sure you get off to a great start here at eDirectory!  

You’ll be receiving a series of emails with everything you need to get started, like how to schedule a training session, how to get all the help you need from our dedicated Support staff, and how to start bringing your vision to life!

Take some time to get familiar with all the basic functions and watch our short and insightful videos in our knowledge base to see how it all works.  For any technical needs related to your site, the BEST way to get the help you need is to simply create a Support ticket so that one of our friendly techs can get involved.  For anything you need related to your account like launching additional sites, taking advantage of our Referral program, or upgrading your account, your Account Executive will be glad to assist you.

You should also receive a brief survey request and for taking the time to share your honest feedback about what made eDirectory.com the right choice for you, we’re happy to add $100 in Training & Set-Up credits to your account – A great way to ad some extra value early on!  

You have an entire company of over 50 people ready and waiting to get you on your way to achieving your online directory goals.  

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing your site online!