The HTML Editor for Event plugin revolutionizes the way event owners interact with their event descriptions. In traditional setups, the options for customizing text are often limited, leaving users with static, uneditable fields. However, with the HTML Editor for Events plugin, users gain unprecedented control over their event text, enabling them to tailor their events to their exact specifications.

Comparison with Default Description Field:

Let's take a moment to compare the default description field provided by standard software with the enhanced capabilities offered by the HTML Editor for Event plugin. The default description field typically offers minimal formatting options and lacks the flexibility needed for comprehensive text customization.

 In contrast, by installing the HTML Editor for Event plugin, event owners can transform their static descriptions into dynamic, visually appealing content.



How to access the HTML Editor for Event plugin 

Once the plugin is installed to the site, it is possible to access it under the Event module, and editing or adding a new event. You will be able to see the description field in the HTML Editor format. Here are the steps:

1. Navigate to Content.

2. Click on Events

3. Click to either add an event or to edit an existing one. 

4. In the event form, you will be able to see the HTML Editor for Event plugin.

Note: The HTML Editor for Event is a plugin sold separately, if your site does not have the HTML Editor for Event plugin as seen above, check this link for more details: HTML Editor for Events or contact your dedicated sales representative.

Benefits of HTML Editor for Event

By integrating the HTML Editor for Event plugin into your platform, event owners gain access to a wide range of editing features. This includes text alignment, font selection, font size adjustments, bullet points, bold, italic, underline formatting, addition of hyperlinks, insertion of images, and much more. With these tools at their disposal, users can create eye-catching events.

Enhanced Display

The benefits of the HTML Editor for Event plugin extend beyond the editing interface. On the event details page, the HTML content appears exactly as it was edited, providing both advertisers and administrators with greater flexibility in customizing their content. This seamless integration ensures that the final presentation accurately reflects the intended design, enhancing the overall user experience.


In conclusion, the HTML Editor for Event plugin represents a significant advancement in text customization for event owners. By offering an intuitive interface and a comprehensive suite of editing tools, this plugin empowers users to elevate their events to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned advertiser or a platform administrator, the HTML Editor for Events plugin provides the flexibility and control needed to create compelling, visually engaging content.

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