Usage: To define which listing owners can associate to Instant Messenger for each listing level, go to “Manage Levels and Prices” session, go to the Listing tab, enter the levels wanted and then press “Save Changes”.

If this resource is enabled for the listing, through the tool "Instant Messaging" each media can be inserted separately (Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp) when adding or editing a listing.

Each media will be loaded as a widget on the listing detail page and summary, as links that will redirect to the chosen media
Detail View:
Summary View:

To enable the floating button to contact the site owner (site Manager) media, go to ‘General Settings’ session, go to ‘Plugins’ tab and on Instant Messenger Integrations Settings check the Checkbox, chose the position of the floating button , the media type and Save Changes.

After set up, go to ‘Basic Information’ session, then fill the field of the wanted Media with a valid information. If everything is configured correctly, the Instant Messenger will display the floating button on all pages (except results and detail pages)