Let's say you want to create multiple websites but don't want to buy a separate license for each website. We created the add-on site concept for these users. With add-on sites, you can use the same account / license to buy additional websites instead of buying a completely separate new license. 

eDirectory users can host multiple sites under one account, giving you the ability to sell advertising packages across each of your sites. Each additional license can be purchased at a discounted rate. 

If you are a new client who is buying the eDirectory license for the first time, you can request your add-on site right away at the time of your purchase like below. Just select how many add-on sites you need and we will install them as quick as possible. 

If you are a current client who just decided to get an add-on site for your existing license, please contact your sales rep directly from here.

As usual, we will create your add-on site with a temporary staging URL so that you can start building it right away. Once the website is ready to be made live, please follow the instructions explained here.

Once the add-on sites are installed and ready to be built, you will be able to switch between your websites in the site manager like below.

You will be able to add different contents (listings, articles, events, banners, etc.) and different designs (themes, colors, fonts, etc.) for each website separately. So, essentially you will be building multiple websites at the same time without having the necessity to buy a second eDirectory license!

However, please keep in mind that the add-on sites share the same database folder for being under the same account. Therefore, some contents like locations (countries, states and cities) and accounts (admins, sponsors and visitors) will be shared across all the add-on sites. Nevertheless, this should not prevent you from reaching your goal of building multiple websites because each website will have different listings and other contents. Just the accounts and locations are shared.