Now you can approve or delete multiple reviews!

Sitemgr > Activity > Traffic Overview > Reviews

     1. Log into the Site Manager and open the Activity tab.
     2. Select Traffic Overview.
     3. Click on Reviews.

     4. In the Reviews window, you can choose All or Listing or Article.

     5. Now simply select all of the check boxes you wish then click on either the Approve or Remove icons.  


Allowing reviews without manual approval


If you don’t want to manually approve every review and comment, changing the settings is easy.

Site Manager > Configuration > General Settings > Comments and Reviews Options

     1. Log into the Site Manager and open the Configuration tab.

     2. Select General Settings.

     3. Scroll down to the Comments and Reviews box.

     4. Check the box ‘Sitemgr must approve the review/comment and the reply’.


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