The eDirectory system allows the Sitemgr to create and manage 'Packages'. A package consists of letting the Sitemgr offer an additional item for sale, depending on what is purchased. For example, the sitemgr can create a package that indicates if a Diamond Level Listing is purchased, a Basic Event will be offered for $x.xx% off. 

Please navigate to the Sitemgr -> Promote -> Promotions & Packages -> Packages -> Add new Package. 

On the proceeding page, the Sitemgr will be prompted to provide details about the new Package. It is important to note that each item for sale can only have one active package at any given time. For example, the Sitemgr can not have 2 packages active for the Diamond Level Listing at the same time.

The Package Settings you are to fill out include:

  • When someone orders a(n) - You will select the item for which the Package is available for
  • Offer a(n) - Item which will be offered to them
  • Sites - Please select the Domain for which the Package will be available (if using the multi-domain functionality)
  • Price - Determine the price for the additional item
  • Package Title - Provide a name for the Package
  • Image Source - Add an image for the package (optional)

Once those details have been filled out the Sitemgr has the ability to add extra content regarding the package using a HTML editor. This content will display to the individual on the front of the when the package is offered to them. Once all additional content has been added, please click 'Save Changes'

* Please don't forget to set the Package status to Active.

End-User Perspective in being Offered and Adding a Package:

When an end-user begins the purchase process of an item through your eDirectory "Advertise With Us" page, they will be offered any available Packages after 'Step 1' of the Check out Process. After Step 1 is completed and the end-user chooses their Payment method and clicks "Yes, Continue" they will see the package offerings.

The end user will see the package cost, details, and image you have uploaded. They have the option of declining the package by clicking "No, Thank you" or accepting the package by clicking "Yes, Continue".

If your end-user clicks "Yes, Continue" they will be directed to the checkout page and prompted to pay for both items together.

Once payment has processed they will be prompted to first fill out the Business Listing details. Once the listing details have been completed and submitted they will be then prompted to fill out the Event Details (from the Package).