The first step of the import tool is to upload your csv (or Excel) file with your content. If your file size is under 5mb, you can easily upload it directly through the interface, by clicking on the “Choose your file” button or simply dragging and dropping the file into the box.

If your file exceeds the size limit, you can use the “Browse FTP” option. In order to use this option, you’ll need FTP access to the folder “import_files” of your eDirectory install. Please contact our support team at if you don’t have the access.


With the FTP access in hand, you can use FTP clients such as FileZilla or Cyberduck to upload your files directly to the import folder.

After uploading your file, you can click on the “Browse FTP” option. You’ll see a list of all the available files to be imported. Select your file and hit “Choose your file”.

The system will read your file. For bigger files, this step might take a while.

After reading your file, the screen will show it’s extension and the file name. You can now go ahead and finish your import.