One of the required preparations for having an eDirectory website is to acquire a third party payment gateway facility. Below are the lists of payment gateways that are already integrated with eDirectory. 

1. Paypal –
2. Simplepay –
3. -
4. Linkpoint -
5. Paypal API – http://www.paypal .com
6. 2Checkout -
7. iTransact -
8. PayFlow –
9. PSIgate -
10. WorldPay - 

Please take note that each payment gateway facilities have a different account registration procedure. Each configuration on eDirectory requires a set of codes (access key, secret key, config file, account, transaction key, etc.) depending on the payment gateway selected.

If you have a payment gateway not on the list given above and want to have it integrated, this may require some additional custom development charges. If you are interested in learning more about this process, please contact our sales team.

Once a payment gateway account has been created you may already input the required access key to the site manager – payment gateways option.

To access it simply log in to your eDirectory site manager.

Once logged in go to CONFIGURATION then MANAGE LEVELS & PRICING then click on the PAYMENT GATEWAYS tab.

An item renewal period corresponds to how specific items are charged periodically (Annual, Monthly or Daily) and could be configured for a set period. Ex: If the “Day” option is selected, you can define how many days (1, 5, or 29) depending on user preference. Please take note that configuring this area will have an effect on the MANAGE LEVELS & PRICING options. 

To configure payment gateways option scroll down to the page module.

Select the payment gateway desired and input the required key or code which was generated when creating the account from the payment gateway site. eDirectory allows multiple payment gateway options.