Previous widgets such as “Featured listings”, “Popular events”, among others, were replaced by new fully customizable “Cards” widgets. Now it’s up to you which listings, events, blogs… will be shown on your widget. It’s possible to either choose the items yourself or choose the conditions to arrange them.
  • Each widget conditions can be customized, including:
1. Ability to change the widget title and the label of the “view more” link;
2. Ability to select the module that will be displayed on the widget;
3. Show items from specific level, categories or location;
4. Ability to choose the order criteria;
5. Ability to pick items individually.
  1. Creating your Widget
1.1 On “Listings & Cards” it is possible to choose the widget that better suits your aim. For the example, it will be used the Vertical Cards Widget.

1.2 On the new release, it’s required to insert the widget title and choose the module that will be shown on the widget.
Examples: “ Best of Listings “, “ Must Read Articles ”, “ Recent Listings”, “Best Deals”...

1.3 You can associate a Link label to redirect your user to any pages you want, including custom pages.
Note: This feature is not mandatory.
Example: How the label will be displayed


1.4 Depending on the widget chosen, it is possible to select the number of columns. If you want to insert a banner, it will occupy one of the columns.

Example: A widget with 4 columns and a “Square Banner”.